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Piano Media is the world’s largest provider of digital subscription services. We offer the latest online content monetization platform technology plus our experts on two continents can help with digital subscription growth strategies; advanced analytics interpretation; data sharing for benchmarking and best practices from the more than 630 websites that use our software globally.

Device tracking
• Identify every device used by readers: PC, tablet, smartphone or kindle

Each and Every Pageview
• Tracked by precise browser technology 
• Monitor and profile all users, registered & anonymous

Free registration solution
• Acquire users’ email address for further marketing purposes
• Understand your audience and convert them into subscribers

All payment methods available
• When users hit the paywall, Piano’s solution serves local and international payment methods

Online admin dashboard
• Allows easy subscriber management and control over upselling and cross-selling marketing activities to maximize revenue

Conversion marketing expertise
• Piano with Press+ has more than six years of user data from more than 630 websites and we apply this expertise to your data to increase conversion rates and subscription sales

Online Analytics interface
• Access to our powerful analytic intelligence tool for following key metrics related to your paywall and to identify further potential for content monetization and audience development

How do we work with publishers:

1. Contact us at business@pianomedia.com, we will send you a document with more detailed information

2. We can discuss our offer and your plans over the phone or on meeting in person.

3. We will be happy to prepare a customized offer for you.

4. After signing the contract, you can typically start collecting payments from your users within 3-12 weeks.

Publishers’ testimonials:

“With the rapid growth of mobile and tablet browsing we felt our subscription package had to reflect the needs of our readers.“

Maciek Nowak
Digital Director
Gazeta Wyborcza
Poland's most influential daily newspaper with over 2.2 million online users

“We had strict requirements regarding how the Piano solution needed to fit our existing technical environment and were happy that our tech teams were able to work closely and accomplish this task.”

Michael Niedringhaus
Director of Development
M. DuMont Schauberg

“Newsweek chose Piano’s metered solution because Piano’s system has reliable technology for identity management.”

Etienne Uzac
IBT Media

“We were very impressed by Piano’s flexibility and their integration and implementation speed.”

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