Key features

Piano operates hundreds of paid services including articles, video, audio, apps, mobile and more. Our customers include online content from their broadsheet dailies and tabloids; weekly and monthly magazines; TV and radio stations.

  • Various paid content models - metered, freemium or hybrid
  • Full, real-time usage data available to publishers
  • All common payment methods
  • Integration with existing customer databases

Piano National

Single-login, content-sharing solution

Piano National is a common paid-content platform for an entire market using the "pay once, use all," model. Content in this system is accessed by subscribers with a single login and payment. This solution is designed for publishers in one country or region, or, for groups of publishers in a similar field (car magazines, for example).

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Piano Solo

For individual publishers

Piano Solo is for publishers or publishing groups who have specific needs or choose not to participate in a common platform. Piano offers a SaaS model where specific implementation is supported by Piano resources. This solution is easily customizable for look & feel, user experience and provides excellent analytics to help publishers adjust their paid-content strategies.

Ján Cifra - Head of Business Development

Jan Cifra
Head of Business Development
T.: +32 491 507 196

HQ | Piano Media, a.s.
Štefánikova 14, Bratislava, Slovakia

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Publishers’ testimonials:

“We have launched paid content within our digital properties of our daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza and for six of our monthly lifestyle magazines. Piano Media has provided enormous support, particularly in the area of analyzing content to be monetized.“

Michal Gwiazdowski
VP Digital Content
Gazeta Wyborcza
Poland's most influential daily newspaper with over 2.2 million online users

“The number of readers who have paid for the opinion section (within Piano) is 14 times greater than those who paid for this service alone in 2006,”

Konštantín Čikovský
Deputy Editor
SME Daily Newspaper
Slovakia's most influential newspaper with 2 million online users

“Newsweek chose Piano’s metered solution because Piano’s system has reliable technology for identity management.”

Etienne Uzac
IBT Media

“Paid content is strengthening our media house - a key strategy in our core business.”

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